The missions of Kariderm

Founded in 1998, Flash Beauté Inc. conceives, manufactures and distributes the KARIDERM products, maintaining its leader position in its domain: natural personal care products made with shea butter.

In order to reach this target, we have established a tight partnership with a women cooperative of shea butter producers in Burkina Faso, the Songtaaba Association or ASY.

In this context, our personal commitment during several trips on the field enabled us to define several cooperation and assistance projects targeting not only the quality and market image of shea butter, but mostly the working conditions of women, their incomes and self-development perspectives.

Kariderm's commitment for a better trade.

We are leaders in the field because we commit to offering effective products made with active natural ingredients of the highest quality in the goal of obtaining products that offer adaptive results for our clients, always minimising risks of skin reactions or allergies.

Our products are voluntarily tested by our personnel and we never test our products on animals.

Our production line uses a system that is designed to generate the least possible waste. All our raw materials are biodegradable and our plastic, metallic or cellulosic (paper and carton) waste is recycled.

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Our team
in Canada

KARIDERM is proud of its complete team of professionals sharing the passion of natural cosmetics. From production to management and marketing of the KARIDERM products, our team has only one goal : to satisfy our clients while respecting our values and commitments towards our partners both here in Canada and in Africa.

Kariderm contributions to the community

Unlike other cosmetic brands, the Kariderm line is really the desired consequence of a fair trade business relationship.

Flash Beauté Inc. is one of the rare companies that are directly implicated with African shea butter producers. In fact, our company imports on its’ own the shea butter, without any third party implicated.

We have been the first distributor of certified organic Shea Butter in the world since 2003. Flash Beauté pays a price 2.5 times higher for the shea butter than any standard price applied to raw shea butter usually found in the market.

In exchange, our provider and partner guarantees a respect of our demands for a high quality shea butter.

Fair Trade

Too often other shea butter brands sell a so-called ‘hand crafted’ or ‘genuine’ shea butter that was actually purchased at a very low price from small village producers just before the general harvesting period when food and money are scarce but mouths to be fed still very many. Sometimes other traders will purchase any kind of shea butter, mix it with other ingredients like palm oil and sell it to third parties that will in their turn sell this product of suspicious origin to countries in Europe or North America. In the end that shea butter, said to be ‘traditional’, will have passed through numerous hands, while women who harvested and produced it will still have theirs empty. This is why it is important to demand that the product you buy is truly certified by an independent and duly approved body, as is the case with KARIDERM.

Since 2008, the Kariderm Social Funds finances specific actions on the field related to Burkina Faso women’s health. A vast majority of women there still do not benefit from any social or private insurance coverage for their health needs and they only go and see a doctor at the latest possible stage of illness.

Kariderm Social Fund

In 2009, the KARIDERM Social Fund has paid for the implementation and equipment of a nursery inside the premises of the Songtaaba Cooperative. This nursery offers first aid material and common medicine drugs and is managed by a professional nurse specially recruited to take care of the coop members and their families. The nursery is also being used as a resting and information place. Starting 2010, we have also put in place a health mutual insurance systems which covers the basic drug needs of participating women.

In time other initiatives will take place to better respond to the needs expressed by women, in particular :

  • regular breast cancer detection campaigns;
  • annual complete medical checkups including lab testing when needed;
  • information sessions on different health subjects such as family planning, sexually transmitted diseases or health food.

Financing this fund is ensured by royalties based on points attributed to every specific KARIDERM product that is included in this program. Every month sales statistics are established and raised dollars are put into a savings account from which funds are transferred on a regular basis to the ASY coop.

1 point = $ 0.05 for qualifying products sold in North America


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