Publié le 2017-05-18
Discover Kariderm's Social Fund

The Kariderm Social Fund was born in order to help the women who are responsible for the creation of Kariderm’s raw organic shea butter. It’s their dedication that allowed Kariderm to create and design the best beauty care line in North America.

At the core of Kariderm’s activities is the simple idea of Fair Trade. This vision of a more humanitarian commerce drives Kariderm’s to not only care about the profitability of our natural skin cares line but also the ethics being our trade.

Throughout the years, your purchase of organic shea butter helped in the ongoing effort of Kariderm to help the women of Burkina Faso. The purchase of our organic beauty care helped to finance multiple projects over the years:

Building a nursery managed by a professional nurse offering breast cancer detection, medical checkups, information on multiple health subjects.

Financing a healthcare insurance for the women member of the Songtaaba Cooperative (ASY).

Distributing Mosquito nets in order to counter malaria

Promoting vaccination campaigns

Distributing therapeutic glasses

Financing this fund is ensured by royalties based on points attributed to every specific KARIDERM skincare product that is included in this program. Every month sales statistics are established and raised dollars are put into a savings account from which funds are transferred on a regular basis to the ASY coop.

If you have any question regarding our Social Fund, let us know!

Kariderm’s Team

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